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Your phone can hear you

SoundSense is an app that uses the microphone on your cell phone to listen to your environment and figure out where you are.

The privacy ramifications are fascinating, of course, though not much different from those of geolocation. But the convenience! You could set your phone to figure out when you’re driving/in a meeting/in class/at a movie and turn off the ringer by itself. Or it could have a threshold for when your toddler is sounding a little too cranky at a restaurant, at which point it would start playing Sesame Street podcasts.



At first I thought Hunch was kind of unnerving. Then I read a little bit about the theory behind it, and now I’m intrigued.

News flash: women are smart.

A new report states that when women apply for math and science jobs, or go up for tenure, they succeed. Amazing! Now we just have to work on getting more of us to that point in the first place.

Stuff from No Fluff Just Stuff (aka Rocky Mountain Software Symposium)

How to be a good programmer:



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